In one form or another, ‘stucco’ has been used for centuries. Hard and durable, it has been textured, tinted or coated to provide a colorful, attractive and cost effective exterior. As a render over masonry or with a weather-resistive barrier and lath, stucco is a preferred cladding choice for many architects and builders.

As with any cladding, stucco must be designed and installed properly in order to perform as intended. Some cracking is inevitable with any stucco, and moisture will penetrate through the cracks. When designed and installed properly over lath, this moisture settles on the external surface of the weather-resistive barrier and ultimately, via gravity, drains down and out of the wall via a weep screed.

Stucco manufacturers always recommend that ASTM guidelines and applicable Codes be followed and that all work is performed by a contractor familiar with these as well as the installation of stucco. E-Green Exteriors is the preferred choice by the leading stucco manufacturers and has extensive experience in a variety of stucco assemblies (many colors and textures) suited to the Owner’s need for performance and aesthetics.