A well-designed building should make you happy whenever you see it. The last thing you need is anxiety about how your siding is performing. Reliability is crucial. That’s why our customers choose E-Green Exteriors for siding and trim. E-Green Exteriors is the preferred choice by the leading siding manufacturers and has extensive experience installing the broadest selection of styles, colors and textures.


E-Green Exteriors provides unlimited design possibilities for every taste and budget – from Fiber Cement Siding which has a natural wood texture in addition to resisting rotting, warping, cracking and pests to Cedar-Style Shingle Siding which can add instant character and rustic look with less maintenance. E-Green evolves with the latest innovation

from the manufacturers including ColorPlus® Technology which lasts longer than typical painting in the field.
E-Green Exteriors also offers installation of a complete line of decorative trim and accessories for doors, corners, gables and frieze boards that add the perfect finishing touch to any siding project.